AUTUMN 2018 Updates!

Thank you for putting up with my stagnancy! Herbal Ancestry is currently in a huge transition. I currently have some handmade herbal salves, lip balms, flower essences, artwork and a few other remedies for sale at the following locations:

The Leelanau Company (Artist Collective)
224 N. Saint Joseph Street
Suttons Bay, MI 49682

Pentoga Park Campground store
1630 Co. Rd 424
Crystal Falls, MI 49920

Staff of Life***
212 E. Green Bay Street Suite G
Shawano, WI 54166
***Lip balms only at this location!

Please contact me directly if you want to purchase anything and are not near one of these locations. I can be reached at

After this fall and holiday season, I will no longer be selling medicines. When Herbal Ancestry was first born in 2015, it was named so because I was traveling in Eastern Europe, the land of my own most recent ancestors, getting to know the land, plants and people over there. I fell in love with a few certain areas across the pond and am planning a big move over that way. I will share more details in the coming months. My dream all along has been more centered around teaching and sharing knowledge than making and selling products. Although I love making and sharing medicine, I have realised that it is more of a stepping stone for me and Herbal Ancestry into something much greater, I hope. I have still been putting a lot of love into all of the medicine and I will until I stop. I have received great feedback and it has been fulfilling to do this. My vision of the future of Herbal Ancestry is still forming, and I am sure it won’t be me alone, but as of now I see a lot of teaching and “playshops” in the future, where people can gather and explore their Herbal Ancestry together.

Thank you for your support! Please do stay in touch.

Love, Light & Green Blessings